Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Disney sweepstakes

Disney to give away 1.25 million prizes to park-goers: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Cruises, world tours of all Disney theme parks, Mickey Mouse ears, shopping sprees, nights in Cinderella Castle, time-share condominium leases, commemorative pins: These are a few of the things that Disney's million dreams are made of.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has announced 1,250,000 prizes with a combined value of more than $17.4 million that will be given away through Walt Disney World and Disneyland starting Oct. 1, when the company's 14-month "Year of a Million Dreams" campaign begins.
The sweepstakes involve thousands of prizes awarded each day, many of them as Disney visitors get an unexpected tap on the shoulder.

Disney is counting on the unexpected nature of the prize giveaways to provide as much excitement as actual wins, said Ken Potrock, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts senior vice president of global alliance marketing.

"Completely random. Completely unbiased. Completely luck of the draw," Potrock said.

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