Monday, January 15, 2007

iPod Sweepstakes

Want to win a new ipod?

Here is a great sweepstake that you do not want to miss out on. This company draws a new winner every day for an ipod. How cool would that be to win one of the gadgets that has revolutionized how we listen to music? For those of you that do not know what an ipod is here is the Wikipedia definition:

"The generic brand iPod refers to a class of portable digital audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer. (Hewlett-Packard also markets the product under the name Apple iPod + HP.) Devices in the iPod family offer a simple user interface designed around a central scroll wheel. Most iPod models store media on a built-in hard drive, while a lower-end model, iPod shuffle, relies on flash memory. ..."

Enter to Win a 1GB iPod at iPodSweepstakes today

Now for those of you that are not aware of where these little gadgets have come from here is a brief history:

Basically the iPod's voyage into the our lives (as far as consumers are concerned anyways) started in October of 2001 when Apple released a 5 GB version that enabled users to hold up to 1,000 of their favorite songs. Since then Apple has grown this product to unbelievable expectations. Not only has Apple released several different versions of its ipod line but it also launched a website called iTunes where users could download their favorite songs. Since that fateful day in 2001 Apple has sold over 70 Million ipods to consumers worldwide and over 1 billion songs have been downloaded from iTunes. I would say that is quite a success story.

Now to get back to the reason why you came to this page. To enter to win a 1 GB iPod. The site,, makes it as easy as possible to do just that. Unlike many of the other ipod sweepstakes that we see out there this entry form only requires you to enter your email address. How simple is that to enter to win one of these killer new gadgets? Maybe if you enter today you could have this under your Christmas tree. Wouldn't that be great?

I want to enter to win a 1 GB iPod now

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